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                                                                    — QUALITY control & assurance

Glofa Vaves are designed and produced to meet the major international standards and we take great care and put a lot emphasis on quality, which provide our customers with a total guarantee. Glofa ensure that the valves are manufactured complying with the most sophisticated technical and contractual requirements by coordinating and optimizing control, in-process inspections and examinations through the final pressure test. Glofaachieves its quality requirements, in part, by performing its activities in accordance with their quality assurance system. Glofa’s quality assurance system is created to guarantee the  consistent quality expected or exceed an international level.


Glofa offers its customers a worldwide service, from technical advise and to choose the right valve up to the design and manufacture of custom built valves to meet special requirements and severe working condtions. Glofa R&D department is always to find complete and best solutions for severe applications and our global distribution networks offers quick availability of Glofa Valves and efficient after sales service. All Grofa valves are produced by sourcing the best raw materials/castings, strictly selected, precisely identified and analysed. The machining is carried out with the latest type equipment to the most up-to-date methods.

— testing & inspection

All products from Glofa are constantly tested and inspected to ensure that international standards and tolerance are complied with. Each set of valve from Glofa is fully inspected before delivery containing Material Analysis, PMI, Hardness, Wall Thickness, and Hydraulic Tests. Moreover, Magnetic Particals, Fire Safe, Cryogenic, High Pressure Gas, Radio-Graphic, Micrographic, Charpy Impact and Fugitive Emission Test can also be carried out on request.